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Atma Malik Meditation Center

Meditation means the study of loving ATMA

After talking endless births we receive this most valuable human birth. It is not only to achieve lineage, wealth and prestige but it is to recognize our own true self, i.e. Atma. Lineage,wealth,prestige may give us happiness but it is momentry. On the country , all these things only give misery and worries to human beings. But for achieving bliss and permanent,infinite pleasure- meditation has to be done. The pleasure received from meditation is everlasting.

Today our life has become unpredictable because of our outward journey. if we divert this journey towards our inner conscience through meditation , we shall also swim in the ocean of serenity like saints.

Our true form is not the external physique but the Atma residing in it . Atma is the ruler of this human form and therefore it can perform all the actions. Atma is the fountain of liveliness. If Atma leaves the body then body is lifeless. Therefore it is necessary to recognize Atma through meditation.Transform this life in human form to a celestial form through consecration from the divine, spiritual preceptor,the Sadguru.

The Importance Of Meditation

Meditation is the art of loving Atma. Atma means the Self , Soul, Supreme Energy, universal Consciousness or God. Atma is formless, and is behind every can be helpful to visualize Atma in some form. This form may be of any God or Sadguru. A Sadguru is a master who always resides in his Self and is in continuous meditation.Atma is everywhere present and resides in our heart. Our Body is a very important temple. if we meditate on Atma in our heart , we will realize more and more that Atma is universal.

Meditation is the easiest way to come near Atma and to experience it. By this experience we get eternal happiness, called Sat-Chit-Ananda (Truth-consciousness-bliss).

The internal energy in our body is immense, of very great value and can be experienced by means of meditation.