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The Nature of saint

He loves all beings as his own Self. He is endowed with dispassion and mercy. He speaks the truth and serves all. He ever meditates on the Lord. He sings the glory of the Lord. He has divine knowledge. He is fearless and generous. He never begs, but gives. He is majestic and lordly. Such a one is rare in the whole world. He is not easily found. He is not born everywhere.

Love is the very breath of a saint. Mercy is his very nature. His heart overflows with compassion. He does not look to the faults of others. He returns good for evil and blesses those who curse him. The heart of a sage is a flame of love and his whole being thirsts for the uplift of suffering humanity. He forgets himself utterly and lives but for the sake of others.

A saint sees the whole world as the projection of his own soul. A sage sees unity in diversity. He becomes one with the whole world. A sage is a youth amongst the youth, aged amongst the old, brave amongst the brave, a child amongst children. He feels the pain and suffering among sufferers.

  • We can concentrate on anything only because of meditation.
  • Meditation means intense concentration on one object.
  • Many Scientists discover and invent because of meditation .
  • Spiritual knowledge is the highest knowledge and it is only achieved through meditation.
  • With the Help of meditation we can make clear decisions.
  • Through meditation we can become one with ATMA.

The Life of a Saint

The life of a saint is plain, simple, and attractive. It is full of grace. It is methodical. He is untouched by the changes of the world. No external happening can shake him off his balance. He is centered in his own Atman or Absolute Consciousness.

A sage is desire-less and so he is ever happy. A king possesses everything and so he is happy. But, the happiness of a sage is infinite, because he lives in his own Atman, the ocean of Brahmic Bliss. The happiness of a liberated sage is not sensual pleasure. It is Aatmic Self-bliss.

He enjoys the whole world simultaneously as the Self of all objects. His happiness is not in time. It is transcendental bliss. A sage alone is really wealthy. A sage has awakened from the dream of life. He enjoys eternal bliss. To a sage of illumination, the entire world surrenders.